Date Party

A Wild Wild Western goodbye to the super seniors. New boot goofin’. Somehow, someway, Crossroads had one pair of cowboy boots and they happened to be my size. I’d like to think it was divine intervention. The nicest part about the cowboy boots is that those puppies slipped right on. I did not have to… Continue reading Date Party

A Day Downtown

Playing tourist and searching for the perfect pair of cowboy boots. This weekend I pretended to be an adult. I even bought tickets to the Santa Barbara Museum of Art to see the Van Gogh exhibit before its departure on Sunday the 22nd. I am not entirely sure what drove my desire to go, perhaps… Continue reading A Day Downtown

Coffee Convoy

The chokehold coffee has on my house is so strong we’ll travel an hour outside of Santa Barbara for the perfect cup The first of the month is one of the most significant days in my household. Why? Because Dutch Bros., whose nearest location is approximately 52 minutes away in Lompoc, releases a new sticker… Continue reading Coffee Convoy

Grill Night

A practice so routinized, so sacred, it might as well be church Every Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. the grill comes out. My house of fifteen comes together to remind our frat boy neighbors that women do in fact belong in the kitchen on the grill. Cooking for fifteen is no easy task. It is a… Continue reading Grill Night

Less Than a Month

4 weeks until I walk across the stage and away from UCSB. I am ready. I could not fathom another year of registering for classes, having stand-offs with random Isla Vista strangers for parking spots, or walking to class in a sweatshirt when it becomes immediately clear that I should’ve left the house in a… Continue reading Less Than a Month